Svetlie is a Croatian analog photographer and contemporary ceramic artist based in Berlin. She likes to use different materials to express her inner explorer. While studying media design at university she realized she had a passion for light installations and everything that glows. She is guided by the light in the form of happines at the end of every work process, while often getting side tracked and exploring new ways of expression and getting unexpeted results.


2013-2016 MA -  Media design, University North

Solo Exhibitions:

Leave a trace, Gallery Pikto, Zagreb, Croatia, 2015

Group Exhibition:

A gdje je svijetlo, Ilica 69, Zagreb, Croatia 2015 (light)

A gdje je svijetlo, Žerjavićeva 3 — Mihanovićeva 30/2, Zagreb, Croatia 2015 (light)

Ovo je tek početak, Galerija VN, Ilica 163a, Zagreb, Croatia, 2016 (photography)

 LomoWall in Israel -Tel Aviv at Beit Ariela  2017 (photography)

LomoWall in Switzerland – Vernissage/ Photobastei Zürich, Sihlquai 125, Zürich (photography)

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